10 Possible Ways To Overcome Depression

It is but normal for anyone to get caught up in one or two situation/s which they term damaging to the mind and body. Understandably, not everyone loves being there due to how demanding it tends to be like to get out of, and when we stay lukewarm towards it by psychologically giving it a home, the body ends up bearing the brunt of it all. But before moving into that, let’s zero in on what depression really is all about.

Depression can be defined as a particular situation that brings down the mind, keeping it in unlimited thoughts, disinterests it to lose focus and in effect turning the body less motivated to carry on with everyday life. In this direction therefore, issues such as failure, bereavement, ostracism and many more can lead to depression

 On a serious note, depression can only cease depending on how well it is being handled. but how do we get out of it? We run it down:

1.)Lean On To God. It might sound obvious but with a situation that digs into the mind, being strong in the spirit would pay off dearly. Why so? You might be going through a situation which you mostly tie it to the physical ie feeling that only physical efforts can let you out of it without any spiritual backing(not to be confused with principalities) but unarguably, the highest upliftment comes from God.

The joy you get up with of having seen a new day and the appreciation in prayers you offer to God is a clear indication that HE is in well in place to help you. Commit everything to him with efforts and surely you would get that upliftment.

2.) Socialize to keep the mind and body active. Depression of a dear one is an endeavour for a fellow one to take on and help out regardless of the issue at hand rather than leaning on your thoughts in isolation which would only take you back and forth with no visible solution.

Self-isolation as many misunderstand it to be the best way to free the mind off , would only help to put you through endless thoughts with no room for activity to strengthen you up.

Spending time with those closer to you or a key member of your community could see solutions coming alive through conversations and hangouts. For example being bereaved and having close relatives and friends who come to sympathize with you, is a huge let off of pain and trauma.

3.)Follow your diet thoroughly. Do not trade your well-being that would energize you for something that is only there to feed on you. Having less appetite or not being in a good mood shouldn’t be an excuse for starvation.

When you let this happen, your health risks taking a downturn which relates to proven research that starvation leads to brain damage. Taking protein-rich foods such as chicken and beans would boost your system and keep you on alert.

4.)Do not be self-disclosed. Avoid disclosing your plight to everyone you find around as a means of getting a solution. This refreshes your worries especially when you don’t end up getting a desired solution.

Also not everyone who lends an ear actually has that empathy for you for some may be well pleased seeing you in that state or do not even know the weight of the feeling itself for “he who hasn’t tasted doesn’t know what it feels like”.

5.)What went wrong? Certainly there’s no smoke without fire which means the situation you find yourself in, must have been caused by something. Rather than feeling all is lost, take a look back at what went wrong and see how you can solve it. For example the depression of failing an exam could be well sorted out by looking back at the academic year which may well bring out things like lack of seriousness. How do you deal with lack of seriousness? You put in hard work and adopt passion and a better purpose for your studies.

6.)Look at the bigger picture. Do not feel all has ended due to the gravity of your problems. Remember ‘all is well that ends well’ meaning there’s another opportunity that awaits your will to take on and better your current state mindless of how much time it’d take to settle for everything begins from scratch.

Embrace it like something you need to work on. If it stems from conflict:for example losing a job because of falling out with your boss or a co-employee, seeketh not vengeance and bounce forward rather than back . How does it go? The same job you lost was gotten with a qualification which means you are still in a better position to secure another, therefore all’s not lost.

7.)The power of love. Love is the greatest magic due to its power to motivate and at the same time hurt. In light of this therefore, learn to love yourself by avoid looking down on yourself as many do when in a depressed state. Why are you supposed to despite sentiments not flowing? Cause only you know your worth and capability. Loving yourself gives you that motivation to take yourself back to being the lovable you that you once were. For example the depression of having scars in an accident makes you feel like you have become totally ugly but you best know how good looking you were which means remedies such as honey and aloe vera could apply to your liking and will, other than when you feel bad of yourself and seeing no need to use it.

8.)Find a hobby and relate yourself with. Hobbies are what favour a mood whereby in choosing a hobby, you willingly give the free time you need to automatically drift from your current depressed mood. Hobbies such as video-game play, swimming, dancing, singing etc are always up to the task which is joy instilment.

9.)Take off expectations as a worry. Expectations only help to add to your depressed state where you feel so far off your comfort zone. Believe all is going to work out in your favour for one door shuts for another to open.

For example a final year undergraduate after noticing results didn’t work out to be eligible for graduation, would go down depressed feeing he or she must have let everyone down, but giving it another year could well earn him/her the much-needed diplomat and that same everyone would be present to share that joy. Pain is just for a moment while happiness is there to stay. 


10.)Entreat sports like a priority. This keeps you in shape and most importantly keeps you off nonverbal disclosures meaning preventing others from deducing your depressed state just from your physical appearance. Sports such as gymnastics and yoga could well be of use.


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Written by Tchouamani Ulrich

I am a Voracious Writer, Student-Journalist and Introvert


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