It is quite difficult for us to be able to smell ourselves, even when we are facing a body odor crisis; and that’s because we are already used to the smell of our bodies so much so that our nose has become numb when we try to smell ourselves. So below are some ten shocking things that cause your body to smell…

  • “YOUR BRA”. You must be very surprised, but it is time you take that favorite bra of yours for laundry. Though this is difficult, it might interest you to know that your bra rests on some specific spots on the body that easily ger sweaty; and this sweat combined with bacteria on our bodies creates a stench, and if the bra is not washed in time, the stench might just stick to it and so become part of you.
  • WEARING SHOES WITHOUT SOCKS. This might sound very simple and most of us are very comfortable with wearing covered shoes without wearing socks and still complain about the stench that surrounds our feet and our shoes when we come back home after a long day. Normally, our feet sweat when we wear shoes, but when you wear sneakers for instance without socks, your feet not only sweet, but it also starts smelling since air cannot freely go in and out of the shoe.
  • RED MEAT. Meat contains fatty acids and when these fatty acids merge with the sweat in the body, it increases the odor that is produced from the combination of sweat and bacteria on the body, which causes the body to smell. Hence it is advisable to cut down on the amount of red meat that we eat.
  • FISH. It’s not news that we should eat more white meat like chicken and fish than red meat especially because white meat contains a lot of the “ good fat” which is also known as omega 3s, which is healthy, and so highly needed in our body. But there is a warning sign when it comes to the consumption of fish in particular, and the awful smell it causes in the body. Actually, there is something in fish called choline, which gives you a fishy odor that can even be embarrassing. Hence in order to prevent this, you should rinse your fish properly, with vinegar if possible, before cooking, as well as overall hygiene, from your body [ e.g. you can make use of good deodorizing products to leave your body smelling fresh], to what you eat.
  • ALCOHOL. Once you take in alcohol, it not only leaves a stench in your mouth, but your whole body absorbs, and after it gets metabolized into what is called acetic acid, it’s then released through your pores leading to body odor. Thus, the more you wet your tong with what you refer to as ‘’it’s just a few bottles’’,  as your watchword, you certainly have more ‘’smelly smells’’ coming out of your body.
  • SPICY FOOD. Foods like garlic, onions, and curry, and other traditional spices can go a long way to give a very unpleasant smell to the body when consumed too much. This spicy food not only affects your mouth, but it also affects the smell of your body. So, you should always brush, or even take a bath before stepping out or the moment you get back home, after a deliciously spicy meal at your favorite restaurant or after getting in contact with spicy food. Just don’t blame anyone if you end up scaring the lady or guy of your dreams with that onion stench from your mouth when you get a little closer.
  • CERTAIN TASKS OR OCCUPATIONS.  Well, there are indeed certain occupations that can leave you with an unpleasant smell that can even be a little embarrassing when you are around other people; and you might not know but it’s right there. For instance, people who sell raw food like ‘’water fufu’’ which is made from cassava, crayfish, raw meat, fish, just to name a few, create a lasting smell on your body, and you can even be known for this smell which can be embarrassing; but hey! These are some major businesses out there that put food on some peoples’ tables, and I am not saying they should stop selling such items, but they can maintain good hygiene and so get rid of the stench.
  • SMOKING. Cigarettes contain what is known as nicotine and when this gets into the body, it also affects the sweat glands negatively as it leaves a bad odor in your sweat as well as bad breath in the mouth. The smoke from the cigarette coats in the inner part of your gums, in your tongue, and even your teat, leaving you with a bad breast.
  • SORTS AND WORKOUTS. When we carry out sporting activities or do our normal workouts at home, we end up sweating. Sweating is certainly not a bad thing though, because sweat does not smell and it helps our bodies stay cool; but when the bacteria on our skin mixes with the bacteria on our skin, then a smell is produced. Just keep up with good hygiene and you’d be just fine except in extreme cases where you really have to see a doctor.
  • BREASTMILK. Lactating mothers have this strong smell produced by their bodies; and guess what, in as much as the smell is uncomfortable, it helps babies in finding their mothers and most especially their food. The smell produced from the body of a lactating mother is a result of the presence of excess lipase in the breast milk, and when this milk stains or spills on the lactating mother’s dress or on the baby’s, and becomes stale, a stench is then produced. Breastfeeding is a very natural and beautiful process and stage, but in order to escape that awful smell of stale milk, lactating mothers have to bathe often, also wash their clothes often wash the baby’s clothes, and other things that they use on them.
  •                   If you are having issues with the smell produced by your body or you know somebody who knows somebody with similar issues, you shouldn’t hesitate to doublecheck your level of hygiene, work on it and share that tiny secret with any other person facing a similar problem…..


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Written by Bi Emma


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