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Ways on getting your dream boyfriend

Having a boyfriend these days is another step in life with its expriences. Listening to how your piearce talk about their boyfriends moltivates you on how to behave when you get your own boyfriend. Accepting any guy who says his intrested in you is totally different from getting your dream boyfriend. Do you have your dream boyfriend already? If your still searching, below i’ll give you 10 tips on how to get your dream boyfriend. Just keep reading.
Your personnal hygiene needs to be one which is admired by many. It is said that “cleaniness is next to Godliness” hence you must have a good level of hygiene to be able to get your dream boyfriend. Many guys love spending weekends, months and some even live with their girlfriends beacause they are clean and they know how to take acre of them any also make the house to always look and feel comfortable. So if you can’t take care of yourself, do your own laundry, clean your house and tiolet especially, then your not ready to get your dream boyfriend because no body loves getting close to a dirty person.
A humble lady is blessed in many aspect. She is also loved and favoured by many. Some rude girls are turned down most times because of their attitude and they turn to loose lots of opportunities given to them. Meanwhile a humble girl turn to gain a lot and most times they could be recomended to people as good wife materials as many boys love and listen to their mums so you could be lucky. Humble girls are blessed and turn to have the best of what they never hoped for. So stay humble inorder to get your dream boyfriend.
The characters of many individuals say a lot about the type of home the individual comes from which can send your dream boyfriend away from you. Character speaks a lot about an individual. The character of a lady can make her either attract someone towards her or send the person away from her. It’s not just about being humble but as a lady you need to be caring, loving, reveal signs of emotions, jovial and many more for you to get your dream boyfriend look your direction which also explains the type of home you come from. A lady with a horrible character such as snorbing at people, being harsh to people, over reacting to issues which can easily be resolved, problematic and many other negative characters, faces lots of difficulties comminucating and getting to understand people hence giving people an impression of the type of home she comes from.
The way you dress makes people to admire or laugh at you. A lady need to always dress well and look bright to get the people coming around her feel comfortable. A lady can also dress well by putting on heels and sneaker or good sandals to match her dressing. Not forgetting to wear some make up or lip gloss because it completes your dressing. When a lady dresses like this, she has already won a step on getting her dream boyfriend look her way. Try it and give me your the result.
A smily lightens the mind of the individual receiving the smile. Try it and see. During a very tense situation, a smile come in to calm down pressure. A lady needs to give out a good facial expression, that which will encourage people around her and also keep lovely moments coming. It will also give someone the courage to come and express his or her pain or joy with the lady due to the comfort her facial expression gives out. Thus drawing you another step closer to getting your dream boyfriend.
People have varrious hubbies such as dancing, singing, reading, watching tv, doing sports and many others. A lady whose hubby is wrestling scares lots of people away from her for fear of being beaten. Her dream boyfriend can think that she can fight him with the slightest opportunity she gets… That should incase because the lady can be very protective over him in which her level of jealousy can either scare him away from her or more. go and watch this movie “DUMEBI”. That not withstanding ladies with hubbies such as dancing and singing which is very common amongst girls, instead turn to get closer to their dream boyfriends easier when the boys watch them dance and sing.
Ones reputation needs to be remarkable. A lady with a good reputation is always appreciated with good records and is always listed out as a good example for people to follow. Ladies with goood reputations easily attract get their dream boyfriends because when their dream boyfriends inquire about their records from others, they get impressed and are moltivated to push forward with the relationship. Hence keeping a good reputation means a lot in getting your dream boyfriend.
Going to school to get educated means a lot as one of the tips of getting your dream boyfriend. No man wants an illiterate as a wife. So going to school and ataining a good level of education proves that you are to a certain extend which will also be very visible from the way you talk and behave in public. This is another tip of getting your dream boyfriend.
Getting to experience other relationships teaches you on how the various characteristics of boys and what the like and dislike which will prapare you on how to treat your dream boyfriend. Hence this experience you gain from dating other guys teaches you on how to behave in public as a lady and beyong expectation you turnto get your dream boyfriend.
The experience people go throughh each day can either bring them joy or heart break. A guy you must have dated didn’t see your worth and aalways treated you as nothing. His actions turn to put hatred in your heart when it comes to boys. My dear it is good to forgive because one doesn’t know what tomorrow hold for you. You may meet your dream boyfriend when you learn to forive and move on. So forgiveness is the key.


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Written by Monyongo Alvine


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