What is the first thing you think of when you here the word *ginger*? Do you immediately flashback to when you had a cough and chewed raw ginger, had ginger sweets or even ginger drinks(shakes)? Personally i think of the times when my mom makes me eat raw ginger which I don’t enjoy very much, but trust me, it works like magic. Ok, it’s no news that most of us, if not all of us take ginger either in food, drinks or sweets, though we have little or no idea about the “many” health benefits of eating ginger. Hence in this video, I’d be giving you some 1 1 real benefits of the root plant, Zingiber officinale, commonly called ginger; but before I go ahead, I just want to make some very important points. The first “fact” is, there are many different species of ginger, “but” *only three are edible” and these three are: the common ginger, turmeric and galangal; and the second fact is that ginger ( Zingiber oficinale) has been used as a spice and also as medicine for many health issues for over five thousand years, mostly by Southeast Asians and Indians before it gradually spread to the rest of the world till this day, and below are some benefits of ginger…

1 . The first on the list is the fact that ginger reduces the risk of diabetes. Diabetes has to do with the way in which our bodies produce and reacts to insulin and this action affects the way in which the body processes sugar, that is why we have to be watchful of what we eat so that we do not disrupt our blood sugar levels. Ginger contains low carbohydrates, low calories as well as other good properties that are needed for combating diabetes, which are backed by a good number of research done on both rats and humans. Hence, adding a little ginger to your diet will go a long way to prevent and combat diabetes in your system.

2. Boosts immune system. Ginger helps kill bacteria and also removes toxins from the body .It helps to boost your immune system and as a result, prevents issues like frequent colds which could be a sign of a weak immune system, leaving you strong and healthy.

3. Helps in healthy weight loss. Taking a cup of ginger tea twice a day after your meals, especially launch and dinner can help you loose some pounds healthily. Ginger has in it components, that can curb your appetite a little and also increase your energy levels; but your goal can only be achieved with a healthy diet too ok; you have to change your diet completely if possible so that u don’t look or get sick while trying to have a normal weight.

4. Digestion. Are you fund of feeling bloated or constipated? Are you fund of having diarrhea? I guess it’s time for you to start making use of the ginger in your kitchen. Ginger eases digestion, and so relives you off any discomfort, with little or no side effects.

5. Helps and prevents cancer. According to researchers, ginger helps to combat lung prostrate, skin, breast, pancreatic cancer, due to the presence of the property 6 gingerol. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, it’s antibiotic, and prevents the growth of tumors, leaving you well and healthy.

6. Also, ginger helps in fighting against respiratory disorders. This goes to people who suffer from or know persons who suffer from health conditions like asthma, which causes breathing issues. But you have to seek the advice of your doctor just to be sure if you can use it when, and how to use it.

7. Helps in reducing menstrual pain/cramps. Do you always have a frown on your face each time your period is around the corner? Does your period prevent you from staying out longer than you want or even going out at all? Well if you go through this or know someone going through such an uncomfortable situation, then here is your solution; it is ginger tea. A cup or two of ginger tea during your period will do the magic.

8. Ginger enhances the production of testosterone, which is the primary sex hormone in the body, especially in men. Testosterones equally plays other important roles in a man’s body like regulating the sex drive(libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, strength and the production of red blood cells as well as sperms. Hence you can have this complete package of vitamins n minerals to help boost that body of yours and also have a smooth and happy sexual life, you should start making use of this free gift of nature.

9. Keeps hour mouth healthy, whitens your teeth and your gum. Ginger is capable of getting rid of oral pain as well as toothaches, prevent cavities, and also removed plagues, thus making it the” full package” when it comes to your mouth.

1 0. Soothes sore muscles. Guess who we can make our best friends after a long day at work? Are you a farmer? Are you an athlete? Are you a cleaner? Are you a buyam-sellam? Do you work at the Jim? Are you a soldier? A technician? it doesn’t matter what you do for a living or that ask that seemed to want to break your back today, to make this wonderful gift of nature, your best friend at the end of each day; and trust me when I say, you won’t regret it.

11.Lessons arthritis symptoms .Well arthritis(also known as joint inflammation) has to do with the inflammation(swelling) of one or more joints, and this is caused by a reduction in the amount of cartilage in your tissues, causing a lot f pain . This illness can last for years or in some cases, for life. This is bad news, I know, but there’s a miracle somewhere around you that can help you fight that pain; and that is ginger. All you need to do is make ginger tea part and parcel of your meals and you just seat back and enjoy the wonders of nature.


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Written by Bi Emma


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