Introduction…. As we all go on with our various activities everyday, we do not need anyone to tell us that effective communication, and not just communication is as important as the air we breath, and this can be made simple by simply reading two to three pages at least before you go to bed every night.

Yeah, I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s only normal for us to want to strive hard in learning how to communicate better within ourselves and with others, whether at home or in the society through our works and words. How then do we archive this?

Big question! Well there are many ways to do that, but this writeup is limited to one of the easiest and most effective ways of learning how to not only communicate effectively, but also widen our scope on very common, yet pertinent aspects of life, from a variety and broader perspective.

First on the list is :

Reading enables us to better our vocabulary in any language faster. When we take up a book to read, no matter the context, we are bound to learn one or two new words, phrases and even common expressions, which can be useful in our daily lives.

Take for example, moving to a new town or country, or taking a new course in school, say French; it can be very challenging for you to learn the language if you only really on the lessons you get in class or the few words you use when you want to greet someone or when you want to get something from the store.

Hence, by reading more books in French, you might just find yourself using more than the very common words you already know when communicating.

1 .Reading more makes you more intelligent. Books are filled with just so much knowledge which can be very good for you and me, and so reading even more and more, can instill in you a better sense you of understanding and wisdom. This can go a long way to enable you communicate better with others.

2. Also, reading helps people relate to professionals or even legends in various fields and works of life. By reading stories on the lives and experiences of mentors, as well as even their biographies, it becomes easier to escape certain mistakes, help in directing the reader through various paths to success, and also clarify doubts which may come up anytime.

3. Reading more further gives more room for innovation. Books and other write-ups provide us with new and even better ideas on how to do or go about certain things. For example, you may decide to be innovative by making your own pen, and like it’s said and I quote ” there is nothing new under the sun” you decide to look up various ways of making a pen; and after going through the works of others that have made a pen online for example, you are able to blend those ideas to one unique idea. Hence reading can make us do what we considered impossible.

4. Reading reduces stress. Have you ever tried reading like a page or two before sleeping? Well you should give it a shot because when you have your full attention in the story line of that one of those lovely novels on your shelf, you are sure to completely drift to a whole new world of a peaceful mind, free from all your other worries. Reading helps in calming tensions occurred in the heart and muscles; research has even proven that one can drop by 68 percent just by reading reading, and trust me, you just have to test and testify.

5. Reading gives us a wider and more interesting view of the world. Just like one of my favorite book quotes by Dr. Seuss reads, “the more that you read, the more things you learn, the more places you’ll go”, reading indeed brings us to places, exposes us to new things, new cultures, new understanding, that we could never imagine. Reading enables us explore new things that in most cases, become part and parcel of us.

6. Reading improves our memory. Reading doesn’t just end with reading texts and message on your online feeds, like on Facebook, or WhatsApp which is slowly replacing actual reading these days. Reading more and more as the days go by helps to keep your memory “in check”. Hence as we grow older, it’s advisable to get even closer to our favorite books, magazines, or even solving math problems( for those who are into math); for this can go a long way to improve our memory.

Even research has proven that reading more often reduces the rate of brain deterioration and even makes people live longer. It doesn’t end there, reading more often helps prevents Alzheimer’s disease which is a progressive disease that destroys the memory and other important mental capacities.

7.Reading is contagious. I know this sounds absurd, but it’s as real, as reality in most cases; and this goes especially to parents and guardians. Making reading a habit at home can go a long way to engage your children to reading and also boost their performance in school. This is not a free passport to forcing your child or children to read all the time, but this can be instilled in them from a very tender age. It can start by you reading a story book to them before bed time, and why not practice reading to your kids even when they are still in the womb?

Well it’s up to you, but you should understand that teaching your children how and what to read is very vital for their mental and social wellbeing. You can do this by getting a good book, be it on fiction or educational books, and read them out to those young minds, and once they can do it on their own, let them take the lead once in a while; and you would be surprised by the outcome.

8. Reading helps us to step into others worlds and see things through their eyes, their perspective point of view. When we read good books, we find ourselves feeling what the author’s feeling, we envisage what they show in words, we smell what they smell, we even taste what they taste; that is how much of reality books bring to life; and just like a quote by George R.R. Martin, ” A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.”

9. Reading makes us emotionally intelligent. When we read, we reactivate our ability to solve problems and also easily understand so many things, whether you are focused or just reading for pleasure. By readings fictional stories on life, relationships and love for example, you are exposed to various ways of tackling issues within and even out of your social circle. This will enable you to be alert and ahead in the midst of social issues; and just like a writer once wrote, ” books show us how to live and die.”

10. The last but not the least point is, reading, enhances positive thinking. A friend once made this statement which has in many instances in my life proven to be true..” you think you have a problem? Wait until you listen to someone else’s worry, or see someone else’s situation, then you will understand that you do not have a situation but a deliberation, ..” If you doubt this, try visiting a hospital, and take closer look at those who are critically ill, try visiting the mug and there you’d find answers.

Trust me when I say, this statement has never left me. Some books just speaks to us like the Bible you know, they just have in them, our stories. You might be sitting where you are right now, thinking that you have a problem, you might even be at the verge of losing yourself or giving up, but the moment you pick up that book that speaks to you, all you want to do after reading it is put on your best outfit and give yourself a nice treat. Guess why?

Because you deserve to be happy, because you deserve to love and be loved, you deserve to be appreciated, respected, and above all you can, and will be better. Trust me, you can change your beliefs and become who you are meant to be with reading.

Conclusion…!Reading is exiting, it’s comforting, it’s amazing so much so that just like Paul Sweeney’s book quote, “you Know you’ve got read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend; and I quote” in the end, we’ll all become stories” , by Margaret Atwood. 


What do you think?


Written by Bi Emma


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