Being honest should come from the heart, void of any selfish motive; and there is a difference between being rude and being honest, so in order not to get it twisted, I have some 10 traits of honest people.

  • THEY CARE ABOUT THE GROWTH AND WELLBEING OF OTHER PEOPLE. There is a difference between being insulative and telling someone about their flaws. An honest person would not mock you about your ‘’mouth odor’’, rather, he or she would look for the politest way to tell you about it in order not to hurt your feelings. This is because an honest person truly cares about you and so instead of mocking you with your predicaments, he or she would help you find possible solutions to your problem.
  • THEIR GESTURES AND MOVEMENTS ARE VERY NATURAL. An honest person does not need to fake an expression to prove what he or she is saying. They are ‘’be themselves’’ no matter how serious or frightening a situation gets. Honest people do not try to give too much detail about the issue on the ground; they only say what is to be said briefly, but firmly
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  • THEY MAINTAIN STRONG BELIEFS. They are firm about those things they believe in, like doing the right thing. With an honest person, it is difficult for one to deviate them from doing good to others, or doing something that would make those they care about happy in the long run.
  • THEY ARE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS. Honest people are not scared of telling the truth, even if they would get into trouble by doing so. An honest person would rather tell you the truth that would make you cry in the short run and bring you joy in the long run. Never expect an honest person to flatter you, just to make you feel good about yourself instead of telling you things that will help you grow into a better version of yourself.
  •  HONEST PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT FAME. If there is one thing you should know about honest people, it is the fact that they do not care about being praised or getting rewards for their good deeds. Honest people are satisfied with doing the right thing and their reward is the smiles they put on the faces of the people they assist.
  • HONEST PEOPLE ARE TRUSTWORTHY. You just can’t choose someone else to entrust important tasks to. An honest person would never backstab you, no matter the odds. They always have your back; and they would never let another person hurt you, as long as they can do something about it.
  • THEY ARE ATTRACTIVE. Honest people are easily loved and respected by people who truly know who they are and what they stand for. Sticking to the truth can be very difficult for most people to do since most of us have fallen in love with ’the easy way out’’; hence when someone becomes known for not following the crowd, it is difficult for those around that person not to hold him or her in high esteem.
  • HONEST PEOPLE OWN UP TO THEIR MISTAKES.  Yes, honest people are ready to give in to any punishment for a crime they have committed. In as much as it is a very difficult thing to do, the moment they realize they have crossed the line, they confess and apologize for it.
  • THEY ARE OFTEN MISTAKENED AS RUDE PEOPLE. Honest people are not scared to express how they really feel about a certain issue ok, but they do that in an honorable way; thereby stating their point of view without unnecessarily stepping on people’s toes.
  • HONEST PEOPLE GIVE PEOPLE BENEFIT OF DOUBT. Honest people always try to put themselves in others’ situations in order to better understand what and how they are feeling. An honest person is not quick to judge. They understand that everyone makes mistakes and so they would treat you as they would want you to treat them;  that’s why they have no problem with giving others more chances to be make up for their wrongs and be better.
  •           I think it’s time you start appreciating those honest people  you have around you and why not give it a try…..


What do you think?


Written by Bi Emma


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