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Cameroonian Rapper Ko-c shames Youtuber Mister Jaay

Cameroonian rapper Ko-c expressed his dissatisfaction with the statement a Cameroonian YouTuber called Mister Jaay made on the chat center show hosted by MC Dibenja.

According to report,  Mister Jaay,  actually insulted Cameroonian artists as poor people. He said “English-speaking artists are a big mess… Some of them leave like paupers, they just want to act like they have money. They are broke.”

However, Ko- c reacted to this statement with a lot of dissatisfaction, as he also wrote on his official Facebook page that “A grown ass man will take his time address, Cameroonian artists, as being a mess and broke, on a TV program and the so-called presenter is finding it funny, they’re all laughing. shame’. Ko-c shames this act as some of his fans join him on his Facebook comment to speak against the sure act by Mister Jaay.

Meanwhile, others were supporting  Mister and affirming his views, that Cameroonian artists are really poor and living fake lives on social media as Mister Jaay responded to Ko-c by saying ‘ Lil ass man on the second thought, do you know this grown-ass man can query all streaming platforms handles and tell you approximately how much you earned last month’?.

Well, we keep our ears on the ground for any updates regarding this story.

Written by Gracious Berinyu

Journalist at CMTV Buea, Cameroon; Chief Marketing Office at C. Media Group of Companies

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