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Introducing ConnectPay 1.0 A payment aggreegator

Introducing ConnectPay 1.0: A payment aggregator/ processor that is built for the future.
With ConnectPay, developers can quickly integrate our well-documented API on both web and mobile and on any framework or language.
With ConnectPay, you integrate only once and get over 43 popular payment gateways in Africa, and supports both crypto and fiat currency processors.
With ConnectPay, your customers will click only once to pay. Anyone can send or receive payment across the internet using payment links, payment buttons, recurring subscriptions, invoices, donations, USSD and QR code payments.
ConnectPay Merchants can quickly sell any physical or digital product or quickly set up a fully functional e-commerce store.
With ConnectPay, you can easily buy data bundles or credit from any provider eg Camtel, MTN, Orange, Nextel, Glo, etc.
With ConnectPay POS App, Merchants/ Agents can quickly receive payments from anywhere.
You can create and fund your virtual prepaid, visa card and use it to make payments online with ConnectPay.
ConnectPay also has a pere to pere Crypto exchange system, a CRM and an accounting system, supports 2-factor authentication, is GDPR compliance-ready, and more.
If you want to be the first to test our Beta, join the group by clicking on the link:


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