“Get the bitterness out of you bro“- WaxDey

Popular Cameroonian artist WaxDey Made a post that has Sparks controversy. He was addressing Akumba Music Label Boss Achu Nomad.

the post read; 

“Dear Achu Nomad,

AFRIMA nominations are done by a 12 man jury from different regions, in partnership with the AU and overseen by priceWaterHouse Coopers. Part of my duties as Regional director is to bring the attention the committees to notable singers from Central Africa – and unknown to you, I have been pushing products from stanley enow, mr leo, Salatiel and others to them long before I took that role – but they make independent decisions. Not just from Cameroon, I unearthed talent such as AfrotroniX from Chad for them. I also recommended Emile Ngumba as jury on the basis of his experience and his history developing artists – and he can give you more insight into the difficulty he had proposing Cameroonian talent once he sat on the jury- on the basis of their content quality, compared to other countries. Being popular does not guarantee you nomination. Nomcebo and Zakes got nominated and won a Grammy for a song that had less than 300k views. For AFRIMA, Daphne ‘s Rastafari got nominated over Korode Bello’s Godwin, the biggest Nigerian song at the time, for Best New Artist. As a label boss, you need to be less emotional and think more strategically. I am not responsible for Rinyu not getting nominated. None of the nominees are my sisters. Get the bitterness out of you bro.

Loic is a good artist. If Loic wants to approach me, I said it’s up to him. But my point is no blogger should blame an artist for not sharing his stuff unless Loic himself  has approached that artist and that artist has refused. In fact, I suggested that bloggers encourage others to share him rather than blaming them, as a more effective approach. And as far as I know, he has not approached anyone and they refused. And even if they did, this is business and MTN is not obliged to share Orange’s posters.

I myself called Stanely Enow, MC Charlene,  Magasco and others to help me share Anoma’s Rush x People mashup before it went viral. They did, and I don’t take it for granted. I asked MC Charlene to share the second mashup and she said she was not feeling it. I told her I respect her opinion and I sincerely did. It motivated me. My duty is to produce stuff that she will feel, not to try and blackmail her with “support your own” gibberish. If she hated me, she would not have shared the first one. More love, less ego bro.

Have a good evening. I love Rinyu’s new style (personal opinion) but you need to think before you speak. Or get proper PR”.

However, Achu Nomad Gave a befitting reply by stating that, he is not bitter 

“I’ll just stop you right where you said I should get the bitterness out of me because you are not responsible for Rinyu not getting nominated for Afrima. I don’t have any bitterness in me because of Afrima brother, BECAUSE I did NOT EVEN SUBMIT an application for the last edition for none of my artists. I hope that clears things. This is another narrative you are trying to amplify and I want to cancel it immediately.

As for Loic, I don’t think it’s right for you to come online and and rebuke someone for not coming to you for help. Why not just help them.
You encouraged that they should come camp infront of your house just like people camp in front of Jazzy’s house for help. This doesn’t sit right bro.

I know the value of network and I call people too, but I don’t request that people call me before. I just help if I can.

Finally, I think before I speak and I didn’t get where I am in Showbiz by luck. So I think you need the piece of advice more”. 

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Written by Gracious Berinyu

Journalist at CMTV Buea, Cameroon; Chief Marketing Office at C. Media Group of Companies

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