President Paul Biya address the Cameroonian Youths

President of Cameroon speak to the youths

The private sector and the government can’t employ all, Paul Biya cautions Youths.


Speaking on February 10th at exactly 8pm as Cameroon prepare to celebrate youths on February 11, the president of the republic asked youths to be intelligent and hard-working in a bit to make Cameroon a better place.


Adviced youths like a father speaking to his children against some societal ills he won’t want them to venture in as they all clamor to build a peaceful Cameroon. “I also urge you to shun deviant behaviours which are becoming rife in our society… regrettably such is the case in schools where incivility, substance abuse, assault and many other excesses are increasingly becoming common place.”


He also acknowledged that, as every youths in the world, the Cameroonian youths are facing challenges due to the numerous sociopolitical crisis. Asked them to be strong and venture with sense into activities.

Knowing well that youths are hungry for jobs, president Biya said the government is doing its best to create more opportunities for them but the youths need to know that, the private sector and government can’t employ all of them.

Reasons why he urged them to make good use of the digital world. Auto create jobs for themselves through the digital and help some compatriots with. Avoid venturing into bad attitude or activities in the digital space.

Artisanal and agriculture are also some fruitful sites of auto employment. Biya asked youths to venture in to these various aspects. Be entrepreneurs and he will be there to assist while he and his government continue creating accounts and platforms that will help Finance some of these activities. “Therefore, I urge you not to yield to despair, which drives some of you to the perilous path of illegal immigration or the illusion of easy solutions that only leads to a dead-end.”

Like every country or human beings, Cameroon has its challenges. In that light, the president told youths to be resilient and let’s them all work for a good tomorrow because the future is bright.

Credit: Moonè La Media 🇨🇲


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Written by Gracious Berinyu

Journalist at CMTV Buea, Cameroon; Chief Marketing Office at C. Media Group of Companies

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