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How to get a woman to Constantly think about you

Do you want to know how to make a woman think only about you? To the point where she becomes obsessed with you? I mean, you are dating this girl but she does not think about you, and you are always the one to call and text, she continuously careless about you. Imagine this scenario where you meet this girl you really like and will love to take things further; However, you are not sure if the feeling will be reciprocated or you might be in a relationship with an amazing woman and she is not giving you her attention.

So, how do you get a woman in this scenario to constantly think about you? how do you get her to fall in love with you?  These articles will help you know 10 ways to get a woman to constantly think about you. Without much I do, we will jump right in,

10 Ways to get a woman to Constantly think about you



Make sure your last interaction is a good one.
When you leave the party or date, make sure you end in a sweet spot. Human beings tend to remember the last thing they experience instead of the first. Make sure that the last interaction you have with that person is awesome. And if you’re going to follow this,
always leave them wanting more than you can choose to leave on a high note
You can say “Wow, that was an amazing kiss, you are such a great kisser, I can not wait to kiss you again the next time that I see you, because I’ve gotta run, but thanks for everything.”
or  You can choose to say; it was nice having you around, I mean, let her remember how nice you talk, how sweet your outfit was, how good you smile, how sweet you laugh. leaving her with all these great memories, and thoughts of you in her mind will be pure nostalgia. This is a great way to get her to constantly think about you.



Leave at the right time. Do not stay until the bitter end, whether that’s on a date or at a party. Do not try to ride it out and fall under the mistake that “the longer you stay talking to this person, the better it gets”. If you’re the last person to leave the party, you didn’t somehow WIN the party.
At a reasonable stop time, go home. Don’t try to make the end of the date drag on forever unless both of you are really really really Really Really into each other.
Even then, I still think you should call it before you’re both exhausted or before you have to go to work the next day, or before your eyes are closing and you can’t stay awake.
Always leave them wanting more. This is not a mind game. This is a strategy for how you interact with other people. There’s an important distinction there. I’m not saying you should choose to leave them wanting more as a way of tricking them or manipulating them into thinking about you.  I’m saying you should leave them wanting more because it sets you up for your next date. If you burn them out, they’re not going to want to take it to the next level.

Do not stay longer to a point where you two rush into sex or do things that can make you regret it, do not stay till the party is over. Nothing good ever happens at the tail end of a party anyways. Even if, everyone’s had too much to drink, they start having conversations they didn’t mean to have, they start to regret stuff…
Just leave before it gets to that point, especially early on in your relationship. Leave them with a little taste.



Predictable, patterned behavior does not register as anything special. If you do the same thing all the time, her brain is going to file you under “Stuff That Doesn’t Change”. You’re not going to stand out, and you’re not going to stay on her mind.
If you want to stay on her mind, you have to shake it up a little bit.
For example, let her not predict your outfit, gift package, the taste of fashion, or Meal.
Let it be so unpredictable because it will be exciting that, you could walk into her mini cite with a crowd chanting happy birthday songs for her, this is going to excite her and make her so happy because she was not expecting it from you. lAnd this act of yours will make her constantly think about you



Laughter is the best medicine, and it works wonders when it comes to charming women. Studies show it’s the guys who can make a girl laugh that beat out any other type of guy, no matter how much money he makes.
Laughing helps her distress. Besides, who doesn’t like a good laugh? when she is stressed, or sad, make her laugh. Be her hero during her down moments, create jokes and this will make her think about it and laugh alone.



Unless you want her to remember you for how much you complained, be positive and help her shift her mindset to be more positive, If she starts to complain, try to turn it around and make the situation more positive. People love being around positive people.
There is a huge lack of real, genuine positivity in the world today. Choose not to engage with gossip, name-calling, being negative, in complaining…
Turn everything into a positive experience and refuse to engage in negativity. If you are a delight and a treasure to be around because you are positive, she will want to develop an emotional connection with you. Trust me




This is pretty easy but many men and women forget about it and fail to be a good listeners. It feels amazing when you and your partner start dating, and it’s a long-distance relationship and it gets exciting when your conversations last four or five hours, and later, he would remember one little detail about something you said in that conversation.
It will blow her freakin’ mind.
She will always wonder, “How did you do that? How did he listen to me so clearly that he actually heard the words that you were saying and tapped in, remembered something about them, and brought them up later in conversation?”
That would dazzle her and make her think about you because it made her want to return the favor.
So, since she also wants him to know that she was thinking about him, she will start listening to what you often, thinking about your last conversations, so she can be able to respond next time.
Gentlemen, listening is a very important thing, whether it’s just a fling or a serious relationship.


7. Have financial independence.

Most women don’t care how much you make, or who your parents are, so long as you can provide for them. That’s nice because most men aren’t blessed with wealth. Remember these things about money around women:
Women, like men, want to be spoiled some of the time. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but they like to be spoiled. Save enough money so that you can spoil her every once in a while.
Most women don’t like men who flaunt their money. If you have money, don’t flaunt it, because you just might scare her away.


8. Don’t fly too deep into the friend zone.

Be friendly with her without always being available. Demonstrate that your time is valuable by having a busy social calendar.
Don’t just be available anytime she wants. You don’t have to return her texts right away.
Girls love guys who are a bit mysterious, so try to cultivate a bit of mystery.
Don’t always pick up the phone, let on where you’re going, etc. Be honest, but not always totally up front.


9. Be reliable.

Every girl wants a guy who, at the end of the day, is reliable.
Dependable not because he has to be, but because he wants to be. Being reliable is all about telling a girl that she has security with you. Try to be the most reliable guy you know.
Do what you say you’re going to do. If you talk the talk, walk the walk. Girls don’t like guys who say they’re going to do something and never follow through with it.
Be punctual. Even though some girls are late to dates, a girl hates it when she has to wait on a guy. To her, it says: “I don’t care enough about you to be on time.” If you’re going to be late, let her know.
Have a good reputation. Be the guy that other guys want to vouch for. You never know whether she or one of her friends could ask around about you. And if she hears how you cheated on your ex-girlfriend, your reputation is shot and you’ll have to rebuild it.


10. Compliment her.

Give her some good old-fashioned compliments. Don’t compliment her ability to do every little thing perfectly, or you’ll seem too needy or obsessive yourself. But a well-placed compliment can make a girl remember you for days on end!
Be sincere when you compliment. Figure out what you like about her best; what you think makes her most unique, and tell her. If it’s the truth, it will automatically come out as sincere.
Reinforce how she views herself. If she thinks of herself as an athlete, reinforce her competitive spirit or athletic skills. If she thinks of herself as a thinker, praise her smarts. Whatever she thinks of herself as, a compliment that aspect of her the most.
Focus more on her personality than her appearance. If you have to get in a compliment about her appearance, stay away from the more feminine areas and stick to complimenting these:
Smile,Hair, Eyes,Lips,Clothes style, appearance,




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Written by Gracious Berinyu

Journalist at CMTV Buea, Cameroon; Chief Marketing Office at C. Media Group of Companies

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